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This is how we helped hackajob - a UK-based tech recruitment business - overcome rapid growth pains and expand by supporting the growth of their people and culture...

Key Challenges

hackajob - a UK based tech recruitment business - were keen to proactively begin understanding the wellbeing of their workforce, so they could find out how to best support them feel good at work.

They understood the value in work wellness but were unsure how to provide, manage and develop a programme that would be helpful.

How We Helped

After an onboarding and consultation phase, we created a personalised Vyou pathway for the hackajob team with a focus on 3 main areas:

how we helped

Vyou set out to improve the cultural challenges through the delivery of wellbeing content and 1:1 human coaching.

Diagnose Cultural Challenges

We helped hackajob to identify and diagnose any cultural challenges your greater team may be experiencing. Once the key themes were identified, we designed them a personalised pathway to wellness.

Insights to Inform

Information gathered through user interaction helped us to formulate a detailed report of their team's wellbeing challenges. This provides valuable insights to support and inform leadership development and business opportunities.

Overall Understanding

Employees were coached to understand the importance of self development and wellness. We equipped them with the tools to manage their own wellness through times of high-stress or uncertainty.

What we Found

Through 1:1 coaching sessions, our webinar series, and self-reflection surveys, we were able to capture work energy insights documenting rapid growth related challenges, synonymous with the early stages of burnout.

We identified trends which indicated that the early signs of burnout were present amongst the hackajob team.

We recommended a focussed "burnout" wellness pathway to combat the symptoms and minimise the risk of potential business impacts that come with it.

The importance of
workplace wellness
"Vyou has helped me understand the importance of workplace wellness. This includes the mental health aspect, such as the relationships with the management and other colleagues, as well as the physical aspect, which relates to workplace ergonomics and the importance of regular breaks."
Curation Specialist
Fun way of improving
your wellbeing
“Vyou is a fun way of improving your wellbeing. It has helped me both personally and professionally.”
TA Manager
Mental wellbeing and
“Vyou is the kind of solution every company should have for their employees. Mental wellbeing and success within the workplace go hand-in-hand, you can’t have one without the other.”
Senior talent Success Manager

It's good for business.

Vyou is a digital work wellness platform to help you grow your people, culture and business by identifying and improving the cultural challenges commonly found in start-up environments.

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