Our story

Many of us will spend over one third of our lives at work. Because of that, how we feel at work (and about the work we do), has a huge impact on our emotional wellbeing. 

Chronic stress, burnout, and toxic workplace cultures can rule our lives. And even though we know the benefits of your average corporate wellbeing program, using those platforms often just feels like more work. 

That’s why we’re on a mission to create a work wellness platform that employees will actually love to use, so that nobody has to compromise employee wellbeing for business success anymore.


Where it all began

It all started with our founder and CEO, Jon Stanners.

Jon's a Talent Leader with 15+ years of experience bringing the best out of people at work. Coming from an unconventional background himself, Jon observed time and time again throughout his career that the people who needed a bit of support at work just weren't getting it. Professional coaching and self-development were resources only the elite and high-level executives seemed to have access to.

Jon realised that in order to provide personalised development opportunities to every member of his team, he would need a budget-friendly and scalable way to understand what affected their energy on a weekly basis.

That's when the concept of Work Energy was born.

Ever noticed that some days you feel super motivated and productive to the point you become totally engrossed in a task, but other days work feels like a real chore? That’s your Work Energy. Work Energy levels naturally wax and wane over time. When our levels are high, we have greater job satisfaction and produce our best work.

The making of Vyou

Jon knew if he could find a way to understand and measure Work Energy, he'd be in a much better position to help his team members feel better doing their jobs and get the most out of their working lives. But the right tool wasn't out there — and that's when he decided to create Vyou.

In late 2018, Jon formed a small team of psychologists and psychometricians to develop a framework which would allow people to track Work Energy. After running a series of successful pilots and getting lots of fantastic feedback, Jon and the team raised a pre-seed funding round of GBP 350,000.

The funding was used to recruit the rest of the team, bringing together coaches, project managers, product experts, developers, and creatives from all over the world who believe in the mission. Together, they built Vyou's MVP which you now see live today.

Where we're headed

Nowadays we're running more pilots, using data and feedback to improve the MVP, and growing our offering in line with our vision: to create a better, more equitable world of work which doesn't compromise employee wellbeing for the bottom line. That's why we're working on turning Vyou into a work wellness platform that will host all sorts of coaching programs to help people feel more fulfilled at work and enjoy their jobs again.

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Corporate wellbeing programs often struggle with low adoption while traditional workplace coaching is still extremely expensive (up to up to £300 per hour-long session). Vyou’s work wellness platform provides the best of both worlds — at a much more accessible price point. Ready to see it in action?


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