It's time to power up your team's wellbeing

Vyou helps you provide your team the support they need, right when they need it.


How Vyou can help you today

Our product set helps you and your team self-reflect, understand, and take action on improving their wellbeing at work.


Empower your team members to understand what impacts their Work Energy levels while learning new behaviours and habits to optimise them. A combination of self-reflection, energy visualisation and recommendation tools that help your employees improve their wellbeing at work.


Because managers need coaches, too. It's time to take those leadership skills to the next level. TeamPower provides tailored coaching tips to managers that are designed to help them develop as leaders and provide the best support possible to their team members.

Human Coaching

Put People Science at the heart of your team's success. In addition to science-backed recommendations and self-development frameworks, our dedicated coaches provide one-on-one video and chat coaching sessions to accelerate the personal growth of Vyou coachees.

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Corporate wellbeing programs often struggle with low adoption while traditional workplace coaching is still extremely expensive (up to up to £300 per hour-long session). Vyou’s work wellness platform provides the best of both worlds — at a much more accessible price point. Ready to see it in action?


Getting started is easy

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What exactly is Vyou?

Vyou is a work wellness platform which helps your team measure, track and improve their wellbeing at work. By blending the best of AI and human coaching, Vyou creates hyper-personalised wellness journeys which benefit both employees and employers as a whole.

How does it work?

First, we empower employees to analyse how they feel at work using self-reflection and real-time analytics. Then we provide unique insights and personalised recommendations to kickstart their wellbeing journey. Finally, we use a combination of AI and human coaching, as well as curated and created content to help them work towards their personal wellbeing goals.

What do you mean by Work Energy?

Ever noticed that some days you feel super-motivated and productive, but other days work feels like a real chore? That’s your Work Energy. When our levels are high, we have greater job satisfaction and produce our best work.

Who can see my results?

Just you. Nobody else will have access to your results, so you can be completely open and honest when interacting with Vyou. If you're the team leader, you'll have access to a team overview, but no specific user information will be available. We don’t monitor users’ screen time, take screenshots or report data back to team managers.