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We’ll spend over a third of our lives at work. Let’s make it meaningful.

Vyou brings together the best of automation and human coaching to support you on your individual work wellness journey.

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Unleash your full potential

In today's world, it's crucial for progressive leaders to recognise the importance of empowering their people to prioritise their mental health and wellbeing, both for personal and economic reasons.


the difference in productivity between happy employees and their unhappy counterparts1


increase in the likelihood of feeling purpose and meaning outside of work when engaged and fulfilled2


happier employees more likely to receive promotions and have higher salaries over time3

Support that’s as unique as you

Looking to better manage stress? Reduce your risk of burnout? Improve boundary setting? Or maybe you’re wanting to develop soft skills to help push your career to new heights? Whatever your work wellness goals, Vyou’s tailored pathways, recommendations and educational content streams are underpinned by 1:1 sessions with our team of knowledgeable and professional coaches.

Rediscover, reconnect

Vyou starts with a deep self-discovery around how you feel at - and about - your work. Our self-reflection tool will map out how you’re feeling, in real time, on your private dashboard so you can spot trends and better anticipate how to plan around them.

Embark on your own wellness journey

Our goal is to help you feel better at work. Why? Because we spend too much time at work for it to be a miserable experience. When you’re happy, you’re more productive, fulfilled and motivated to chase your career goals.


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User-first experience


AI powered nudges

Seamless integrations

User-first experience


AI powered nudges

Seamless integrations

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Meet Our Coaches

Our team of qualified and experienced coaches are the jewels in the Vyou crown. Working with you on a confidential, 1:1 basis, they support, enhance and guide your work wellness journey so you have the tools you need to achieve your goals.


Guiding individuals and groups through life and career changes, uncovering strengths and passions.


Art lover, specialising in agile methodologies, bridging the gap between technology and humans.


Guiding individuals towards a better world through well-being tools and self-awareness nurturing.


What people say about us

The importance of
workplace wellness
"Vyou has helped me understand the importance of workplace wellness. This includes the mental health aspect, such as the relationships with the management and other colleagues, as well as the physical aspect, which relates to workplace ergonomics and the importance of regular breaks."
Curation Specialist
Fun way of improving
your wellbeing
“Vyou is a fun way of improving your wellbeing. It has helped me both personally and professionally.”
TA Manager
Mental wellbeing and
“Vyou is the kind of solution every company should have for their employees. Mental well-being and Success within the workplace go hand-in-hand, you can’t have one without the other.”
Senior Talent Success Manager


How to use

Forget complicated rollouts or onboardings that take months to complete. Start using Vyou right away:

Complete our quick self-reflection survey and see instant results on your private dashboard
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(1) According to a study by the University of Warwick.
(2) Gallup Survey.
(3) A study by the University of Pennsylvania
(4) According to a report by the World Economic Forum

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