Managing your Work Energy and fulfill your potential with
The way to a better you.
Interact with our AI Bot and get personalised coaching and insights to help you regain control of your Work Energy
Self Reflection
We know you’re busy, so take timeout to self reflect on what impacts your Work Energy. designed to take 30 seconds to complete.
Recieve tips and personalised coaching
The Vyou CoachBot has been built to support you along your Vyou journey. You’ll be sent personalised recommendations and tips that are easy to build into your routine.
Get an overall view of your Work Energy through our personalised dashboards.
This is the epicentre of your Vyou experience. Track your Work Energy in real-time and, over time, identify patterns and changes in your energy levels.
How to install?
Install Vyou AI bot by clicking the Add to Slack button
Connect your account and select Vyoubot
Voila! See you and your teams Work Energy visualised and make work, work together.
Do you have any questions? We’re here to help.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • So, what exactly is Vyou?
  • Vyou is a web app that redefines traditional workplace coaching and personal development to make work, work.
  • How does it work?
  • Vyou is a web app that redefines traditional workplace coaching and personal development to make work, work.
  • What do you mean by Work Energy?
  • Ever noticed that some days you feel super-motivated and productive to the point you become totally engrossed in a task, but other days work feels like a real chore? That’s your Work Energy. Work Energy levels naturally wax and wane over time. When our levels are high, we have greater job satisfaction and produce our best work.
  • Do I need to pay for it?
  • Traditional workplace coaching can cost up $700 per hour-long session. Vyou flips that on its head by intertwining complex psychology frameworks with breakthrough tech to make workplace development affordable and accessible for all.
    Want to try before you buy? Sign up for a 30 day free trial, with an affordable monthly subscription thereafter.
  • Who can see my results?
  • Just you.  Nobody else will have access to your results, so you should always be completely open and honest when interacting with Vyou.
    If you’re the team leader, you’ll have access to a team overview, but no specific user information will be available. We don’t monitor users’ screen time, take screenshots or report data back to team managers. Instead, we work with each member of the team to coach, develop  and empower them with tools to drive their Work Energy levels.
  • Do I need to be part of a team?
  • At the moment, our products are geared towards teams but watch this space for future developments.