How to grow fast without crippling your employees

Rapid growth isn’t an option for start-ups; it’s either grow fast, or fail.

WEBINAR: September 13, 13:00 GMT+1

Less than half of UK start-ups survive past the first five years, highlighting the importance of rapid growth for long-term success, and ultimately; survival. In our next webinar we will be talking about rapid growth related challenges and how you can identify, control and prevent them from destroying the morale of your teams and bringing productivity to a halt.

In the webinar we’ll be talking about:

The two sides of
rapid growth

How to support
your leaders

How to support yourself/ your business

The consequences of not investing in the wellbeing of your teams

Key themes in diagnosis: what you need to look out for

How to prevent burnout from becoming a result of rapid growth

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Sign up to our rapid growth webinar

WEBINAR: September 13, 13:00 GMT+1

Do you want to know more about how you can prevent & control Rapid Growth related challenges affecting your business growth and company culture?

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