Product features

Take a sneak peek at how Vyou features promote wellbeing at work


Self-Reflection Tools

Explore your and your team's Work Energy levels through our self-reflection surveys developed by our dedicated team of psychometricians and psychologists, available every day through the web app or Slack. The Work Energy assessment consists of six different dimensions: Team Climate, Work Capabilities, Work Motivation, Work Meaning, Work Productivity and Work Mindset.

Work Energy Dashboards

This dashboard is the epicentre of your Vyou experience. Get an overall view of your individual and team Work Energy levels through our easy to read graphs. Track your Work Energy in real-time and start to identify patterns and changes in your energy levels and what affects them on the day-to-day.

micro-nudges and learnings

Receive weekly recommendations from our Intelligent Coach Assistant based on the results from your Self-Reflection Surveys. These recommendations are designed to encourage real behavioural change and growth, as well as guide managers to being better leaders to their team.

Hyper-personalised coaching and content

Our human coaches design custom coaching pathways and provide personalised educational content to support your work wellness journey. This empowers both managers and employees to drive real behavioural change and form meaningful habits that boost Work Energy.

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Corporate wellbeing programs often struggle with low adoption while traditional workplace coaching is still extremely expensive (up to up to £300 per hour-long session). Vyou’s work wellness platform provides the best of both worlds — at a much more accessible price point. Ready to see it in action?