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What exactly is Vyou?

Vyou is a coaching and self-development platform which helps you visualise, understand, and support your team’s energy at work. By blending AI and human coaching, the app makes workplace development accessible, affordable and scalable.

How does it work?

Powered by AI, Vyou provides self-reflection tools, energy visualization dashboards, and personalised recommendations that help both employees and team leaders grow at work.

What do you mean by Work Energy?

Ever noticed that some days you feel super-motivated and productive, but other days work feels like a real chore? That’s your Work Energy. When our levels are high, we have greater job satisfaction and produce our best work.

Who can see my results?

Just you. Nobody else will have access to your results, so you can be completely open and honest when interacting with Vyou. If you're the team leader, you'll have access to a team overview, but no specific user information will be available. We don’t monitor users’ screen time, take screenshots or report data back to team managers.