What Is Work Energy?

Vyou is redefining traditional workplace coaching and personal development to make work, work.

By making workplace coaching accessible and affordable to all, the team at Vyou is on a mission to help everyone love what they do. We’re doing this by helping team members manage their Work Energy levels.

Ahead of the Vyou platform going live in April 2021, here’s everything you need to know about how we’re turning the world of work on its head.

Who is Vyou for?

Vyou is designed to serve its users. We know you’re busy, so everything has been built to be fast, efficient and intuitive.

Vyou empowers team members to regain control of their careers and make work, work. By providing personalised coaching, tools and real-time insights, Vyou enables team members to become aware of their Work Energy - and equips them with the best tools to manage it.

Self-management of Work Energy allows team members to understand their drive and fulfil their potential at work with sky high levels of job satisfaction.

Team leaders benefit, too. They are able to discover the individual behind the employee and take advantage of personalised tools to confidently manage their team from any corner of the globe.

Simultaneously, Vyou provides you with insights and awareness required to truly understand what drives your team’s Work Energy. The result? A highly engaged team driving real business results.

What Is Work Energy?

Ever noticed that some days you feel super-motivated and productive to the point you become totally engrossed in a task, but other days work feels like a real chore?

That’s your Work Energy.

It’s your actions and moods at work. It’s subjective feelings like being ‘in the moment’ and how you feel towards work on a  daily basis.

Work Energy levels naturally wax and wane over time. When our levels are high, we have greater job satisfaction and produce our best work.

How does it work?

Vyou works by monitoring your Work Energy levels and providing personalised support and micro-tools to manage and maintain high levels.

Behind our simple app is a complex web of psychology frameworks interwoven with breakthrough tech.

Guided by our AI coach, you’ll be sent quick check-in questions each day through your existing Slack channel. These monitor your energy levels. As a user, you’ll have access to the results in real time through your private dashboard.  

You’ll be sent regular personalised micro-tools that will directly correspond with your Work Energy level

How do I find out more?

We could talk all day about the benefits of Vyou, but the best way to get a real sense is to try it for yourself.
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