5 Ways to Boost Your Work Energy

February 23, 2021

Here at Vyou, we tend to approach Work Energy with a long-term view. But we all have days where we could do with a quick-fix of energy to get through projects or tasks.

We caught up with Michelle George, who heads up Vyou’s People Science team, to discover her top 5 tips we can all use for a quick Work Energy boost.

  1. Make time to talk

Even if our diaries are packed, it's important to make time to chat with those who inspire you or motivate you at work, advises Michelle.

With remote work increasingly becoming the norm, the need to schedule these in are more important than ever before. Whether you’re a fan of Zoom, Teams, Slack, or a good old-fashioned phone call, remember to keep your Work Energy topped up by those who give you a real boost at work.

  1. Set small, measurable goals

We all know the feeling of tackling work that seems never ending.

If you’re struggling to work your way through a task, try breaking it down into smaller chunks that are achievable within a 15 minute window.

Michelle says: “Not only does this make tasks seem more manageable but you get a great buzz and sense of achievement four times an hour - win, win!”

  1. Take a break

Take 5 to stretch, jump, walk, run, lunge... or whatever gets your blood circulating - and enjoy some precious time away from your desk (or dining room table) to give your head some space.

If you’re not up for taking a physical break, Michelle suggests mindfulness meditation, suggesting: “Simply focus on your breath and being present. Lock out the stress, tune out of any hectic thoughts and simply be.”

  1. Snack on energy boosting food

Now we’re talking!

Sadly we’re not advising to down entire packets of your favourite snacks (but no judging here, you do you).

Try nuts, seeds, or chocolate which increase serotonin levels that promote calmness and  phenylethylamine for stimulation. For the ultimate healthy brain-food snack, chomping on raw carrots will fill up your glucose reserves - something our brains rely on to function at their best.

  1. Get yourself a new (green) desk buddy.

Finally - an excuse to grow your houseplant family for legitimate work reasons!

And when you’ve chosen your new succulent or palm, look at it for 10 minutes straight.

Why? Michelle explains that the colour green reminds us of nature, relieves tiredness and boosts creativity.

Whilst a subversive rainforest experience might be just the thing when starting a new creative project, we reckon this is a pretty good second.

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